workshop weekend


Alex & Julayne have been holding virtual monologue writing workshops 

every Wednesday since February 2021. 

Our creative & hardworking writers have developed 40+ original monologues that are  shaped into 3 different 60-minute shows.

And now we have a cast!

Please join us for our free virtual performances, or IN-PERSON performances at the D&R Theatre in Aberdeen, WA. Then the following week at The Black Box at BOP Studios in Olympia, WA.

Thursday, June 24th at 8pm ABR

Friday, June 25th at 8pm ABR

Saturday, June 26th at 3pm & 8pm ABR

Sunday, June 27th at 3pm & 8pm ABR

Thursday, July 1st at 8pm OLY

Friday, July 2nd at 8pm OLY

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Email us for further questions.


Mom Rebecca Meacham, Natalee Beavers

Ice Cream Cone Jeff Rockwell

Post Office Keola Holt, Marissa Wagner

Diary Girl Libby Carrico

Doug Nathan Streifel

The Beach Bri Bonell

Car Accident Jordan Wolfe

The Breakup Blaire Smith

Cat King Chaela Watkins

Farts For Sale! Gordon Shaw

Honest Breakup Sydney Keith

Afraid of the Dark Justyce Brook, Lily Luedke

Good Kid Gabriella Abruscato

Cereal with King George Carl Joesten

Slugs in the Winter Katie Mareth, Eden Kariv

Sandcastles Annie Patterson, Olivia Luedke

Arachaphoby Emery Evers

My Time with Tituba Rory Luedke

Braces Eden Kariv

Dirty Fork Carlos Cruz

Finding Alien Life Justin Hamerly, Bryan Blackburn

Dumb Questions Daelin Malizia

Something Happened Sara Henry, Michaela Clardy

Sh*t Show Blaire Smith, Libby Carrico

Ordinary Men Jim Eddy

The Grave of Ned James Zoe Templeton

The Bubba Gump Sh*t Company Phil Luce

The Drive Matthew Kline, Keola Holt

Undervalued Aaron Bulger

Wise Words Charles Babler

Log Entry #64 Bryson Grenier

What is Love? Sierra Templeton

Nostalgia Angel Howard

Chicken Heads Andy Blake

Circle Time Rebecca Meacham

Old Timer Russell Wiitala

Congratulations, Kid Jeff Rockwell

The Chad Incident Naomi Watkins

Undoubtedly Aaron Bulger


an original musical




Many have heard the story of Billy Gohl, but have we heard the stories of The Floater Fleet?

Citizens of Grays Harbor know Billy Gohl to be a serial murderer on a grand scale. But what if the victims remember things differently?


Was Billy a lunatic or a thorn in the side of local business?

a new play in the works





Julayne is working on adapting her fiction narrative into a full-length play to be workshopped and produced.


It's a coming of age story told through the eyes of an Aberdeen High School student in the early 2000s surrounding the historic Weatherwax Building burning to ground just after midnight on January 5th, 2002. The story includes other real events that happened in town around that time. I grew up in Grays Harbor then, so I know what it felt like.


An excerpt: 

"I was getting a little nervous again now. Now that we were so close. We were right up in front of the grand ol' Weatherwax Building. I tilted my head back and looked up at it, in all its glory. I imagined it on fire. With cheerleaders dancing around in front of it. Their uniforms had been singed off in all the right places. Pom-poms aglow. The orange metallic reflections created a strange, almost frightening, mirror ball effect on the brick face of the building. It'd get bigger and flash away and back as they danced. It looked almost as though it was chasing the girls. Tiffany Becker was doing a fantastic slow motion cartwheel in my head. Then she collapsed. One by one the rest of the girls collapsed too, motionless, ending with Veronica Cooney."